Who And What

I have no degree for writing, I have no degree in art or illustrating. I have no MBA in Literature, I have a degree in Life, I have a Imagination, I have character, charisma, soul and most of all heart. And my heart and soul goes into each and every piece of work I create. I looooovvvee creating Books for the children, and my project (dream) to get them out to schools will continue as long as I am able.



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  1. Right there with you, girl!

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    1. froggylife78 says:

      No matter the person, your imagination can spark and inspire others wether you have a Master’s or a HS Diploma.. Always keep your dreams alive in Books, Poetry, Art what ever your heart desires.

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      1. We all spark ideas from each other, and you’re right — what matters is what’s inside.

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